• Transportation

    The increasing traffic between Eastern and Western Europe requires flexibility, a professional approach and individual advice. According to that we offer:

    * Full and part truckloads throughout Western and Eastern Europe
    * Competent advice from our staff
    * Fixed transport schedules to the major European cities
    * Storage in our warehouses
    * High level of transparency through effective communication with our partners

  • Customs service

    Our customs specialists will prepare your documents such as AE, EUR1, A.TR and UZ, and will also deal with the relevant authorities and the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) in order to process customs clearance.

  • Warehouse logistics

    Our warehouse facilities include a bonded warehouse in Germany and open depot in Poland. Modern infrastructures are implemented for receiving, stocking, labeling and dispatching a wide range of goods.

  • Outsourcing

    The primary activity of the trade and manufacturing industry is the development, production and marketing of products. Often there is no time to think about logistics and distribution. It can be of great importance for the success of the company to contract an expert in this field. By focusing on the essentials you can often improve efficiency.